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 Photoshop - Adding Brushes

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PostSubject: Photoshop - Adding Brushes   Tue Mar 23, 2010 12:17 pm

Photoshop - Adding Brushes

Skill Level of this guide = Easy

Introduction: What is a brush?

A brush is like a layer, or an image that you draw on the actual image.
By adding brushes, you can make your image more unique in many ways!

Follow these steps in order to complete the guide.

1. Start by finding a brush/brushes that you like, google "Photoshop Brushes" to get many results of sites with brushes.

A good site for brushes is:

2. Look for a brush that suits your taste, also make sure to check that it supports your Photoshop Version!

3. Download the brushes, you will probably get a Compressed file (A zip or a Rar)

4. Now if you open the compressed file with Winrar, you will find a ".abr" file in there. That's the brush!

5. Put that file somewhere on the computer (I made a map called Brushes on my harddrive and put everything there).

6. Open photoshop and open "preset manager", just like on this image:

7. When Preset Manager is up, click the LOAD button.

8. Find the ".abr" file that you downloaded and put on your computer click OK.

9. Now you succesfully added a Brush into Photoshop! Way to go!

- OH and i hope you know how to use them brushes! :=)
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PostSubject: A   Tue Mar 23, 2010 12:24 pm

Good Guide! Approved!
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Photoshop - Adding Brushes
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